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About E Frangipanis

eFrangipanis is a plant nursery which specializes in frangipani plants in pots and small frangipani trees in bags.

The name eFrangipanis is both an abbreviation of Eumundi Frangipanis and a reflection of our goal to offer information and frangipani plants on the internet. See our sitemap for a list of our other frangipani websites.

Over the last 10 years, eFrangipanis has been collecting a range of popular and interesting frangipanis with the goal of focussing on seven species of frangipani including the Plumeria rubra which has many types of beautiful variations. See our list of frangipanis species and variations.

eFrangipanis has experience with wholesaling to retail nurseries, supplying trees to landscapers, selling frangipanis online as well as selling to visitors.


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